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Conference Concludes on High Note with CRP2 Priority Setting Session

2012 February
by ktaylor

In the final session of the “Food Secure Arab World: A Roadmap for Policy & Research” conference, Dr.Mark Rosegrant, Consortium Research Program 2 (CRP2) Interim Director, IFPRI, led a stimulating priority setting session.  He introduced CRP2 and stated its strategic goal as “identifying and promoting implementation of policies, institutions, and markets to improve food security and incomes of the rural poor on a sustainable basis” through inclusive partnerships designed to achieve impact.

He described CRP2 as comprehensive and focused and gave a detailed overview of its three major interlinked themes and corresponding subthemes.

He noted that the establishment of CRP2 is quite timely as global food security challenges are large and include rising energy prices, natural resource constraints, gender inequality, and underinvestment in agriculture and rural development amongst others.

Following Dr. Rosegrant, Pascale Sabbagh introduced the priority setting process and stated its aim as helping to guide CRP2 funding allocations and implementation so that it reflects regional priorities.  Using interactive devices, the process got underway  with participants assigning weights to four predetermined objectives, followed by engaging group discussions and subsequent voting on the contribution of subthemes to achieving CRP2's objectives.

It was a productive, thought provoking conclusion to an insightful conference.