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An International Partner Perspective on Food Security Policy Priorities

2012 February
by ktaylor

In a panel session on “Setting Food Security Policy Priorities,” moderated by Paul Dorosh, five panelists addressed actions needed.  Their summary comments are as follows:

Sherine Ghoneim underscored the necessity of understanding knowledge barriers and addressing local requirements to improve the uptake of research.

Hoonae Kim explained the measures that need to be taken to account for higher population expectations: in the short term, the implementation of policies to address safety net issues; in the medium term, the development of rural livelihoods and the creation of job opportunities; and in the long term, an increase in resiliency via a more robust agriculture system.

Ziad Abdel Samad emphasized the need to adopt a new development paradigm that focuses on the quality, distribution, and productive sectors of growth.

Moujahed Achouri  spoke of the need for developing small farmer organizations and for providing a way for dialogue with farmers.  He also stated that food security should be viewed as a multi-sectoral issue, and not one solely focused on production.

Abbas Abouauf advocated the need for secure food for inhabitants, noting that between 2006 and 2010, highlighted events have shown that political will has changed towards agriculture as a sector responsible for food safety and capacity building.